Twelfth Night Format Analysis Questions

on Wednesday, February 20, 2013
How does reading a play differ from reading a novel?

  • Reading a play differs greatly from reading a novel. In a play, all you have to go off of is the characters' dialogue and a few stage directions. Because plays are written to be performed, not read, you have to do much more inference about the characters and their emotions than you would if you were reading a novel.
How might your interpretation of Twelfth Night be different is it was a novel
  • Twelfth Night might be much easier for modern readers to understand if it were written as a novel. Much of the humor of the play is lost on modern readers, and if they were given context clues around to dialogue, it might be easier to tell when characters are being funny.
How does watching the movie differ from reading the play?
  • Watching the movie version of Twelfth Night helps greatly with the reader's understanding of the action of the play. Because there is little description in the play, it can be hard to picture the events of the story. Seeing the play being performed by actors in accurate settings helps greatly withe a reader's understanding of the story.


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